Unlocking moments of extraordinary opportunity

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People experience brands in many different ways. Their experiences and choices depend on many contextual influences. Yet traditional research often conceals the optimum moment for engagement because it lacks the detail of contextual interpretation.

Locator unlocks the moments of greatest potential and shows how you can improve performance and messaging or develop new innovations to match consumer ideals and beat other brands in these moments.

Questions that Locator can answer:

  •  Which moments represent the biggest growth opportunity?
  • How does my brand perform relative to competitors across different moments?
  • What product or messaging improvements should I make to improve the experience in specific moments?
  • How can I optimise my portfolio across different moments?


Key benefits of using Locator:

  •  Identifies and sizes the moments of opportunity
  • Understands brand and product performance in a competitive context
  • Suggests product refinement to influence purchase uplift
  • Turns tensions into opportunities for growth